Seba is a French artist based in Berlin.
First and foremost a fashion designer (working through the independent label HOUSE OF BASE) Seba experiments with various media to channel his thoughts and artistic visions.

After years of writing and composing on his own, his universe – simultaneously pop, melancholic and versatile quickly evolved through various collaborations, openly translating his taste for aesthetics, fashion and drama.

« R.I.P Daddy » is a collection of 5 tracks blending genres and textures, exploring pop as an hybrid form of expression, abrupt and sincere. The EP mixes different soundscapes and atmospheres while taking us on a journey harmonized with tones and attitude.

The writing process leads the narrative between empowerment and struggles, dedication and pain, growing as a dynamic balance between fun and provocative statements, uplifted through kicks and variations. « R.I.P. Daddy » is a long story short told in a fragment of lines and a few takes, bounced in millennial references and a glance of irony, low-key contemporary and truly yours.

«R.I.P. Daddy» by Seba, produced in collaboration with Dexter Francis Mason, will be out on all streaming platforms on June 25th via Acna Rusd, a label led by Ludwig Wandinger & Luka Aron.

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